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If you are experiencing difficulty in putting your vehicle in gear or are getting a grinding noise going into gear, or if the engine speed rises but the vehicle seems to have a lack of power you may need a clutch repairs.  Clutch replacement service involves removing the driveline and transmission to replace the clutch plate, pressure plate, throw-out bearing and pilot bearing.  The flywheel is also removed and resurfaced on most vehicles for smooth clutch engagement.  Although clutch replacement is a time consuming repair, Astro Automotive is usually able to perform this service in one day on most vehicles.


Before we start any clutch repair, we give the clutch system a complete diagnosis.  The clutch system has many different components, some of these components control the actual operation of the clutch.  Often when clutch problems are experienced, they are caused by the hydraulic system.  Master clutch cylinders and clutch slave cylinders can start leaking and fail to operate the clutch mechanism properly causing the clutch not to disengage and therefore making it very difficult to shift gears.  This is a much easier repair and most of the time substantially less costly.  It is always wiser to address clutch problems early, as soon as you experience the first problem.  Early detection could result in just an adjustment or a small repair, ultimately saving the more expensive components from premature wear.



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