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Routine car servicing is a series of maintenance procedures carry out at a set time interval or after the vehicle has travelled a certain distance. This has been specified by the vehicle manufacturer in a service schedule and some modern vehicles display the due date for the next service electronically on the instrument panel.


But long waiting times at car service centre is the main reason for most car owners not timely send their cars for servicing when the service date is due. Delaying service your car may cause unexpected failures to the engine especially internal moving parts. Also, your car may experiences sluggish pick up or loss of power.


Time is money. At FIFTH GEAR AUTO CENTRE we care about customers’ needs and expectations. No more long waiting times at car service centre. We had setup a new premise called FIFTH GEAR Xpress to serve car owners who seek convenience for a routine car service.


FIFTH GEAR Xpress is a drive-thru engine oil change service centre. It's the first express car service centre in Sungai Petani specially brought to you by FIFTH GEAR AUTO CENTRE. Four basic items are being check and change during the routine service i.e. engine oil, oil filter, air filter cleaning/replacement, tires pressure checking & windscreen washer top-up, plus our complimentary 8 points vehicle inspection. For that, FIFTH GEAR Xpress giving you a brand new car service experience all in just 30 minutes!


If your car requires others minor fixing such as blown bulb, blown fuse, etc., we will put priority to fix your car problems immediately which is complimentary with your service. Please talk to our friendly staffs, they will be able to assist you at all times.

Engine Oil

The key Engine Oil tasks are to protect the engine by lubricating its moving parts, cool critical engine parts by transferring heat away, pump easily to critical engine parts at low temperatures, keep internal components clean and free from varnish and harmful deposits. No matter how good the oil, eventually they can no longer perform the previously described tasks effectively. That´s because with time and mileage, the oil´s additives get used up, causing the Engine Oil to degrade. At this point the oil must be changed before sludge and deposits build up. When the oil is drained, the contaminants are removed with it.


Oil Filter

The Oil Filter in your engine is one of the most important component in engine lubrication, apart from the oil that runs through it and the oil pump that pumps the oil through the channels. If not for the Oil Filter, Engine Oil contaminants and debris that are grinded off the engine internals would result in a slow but catastrophic end to an engine’s life. The Oil Filter must be replaced together with Engine Oil changed.

Air Filter Cleaning / Replacement

A smooth flow of clean air is required by your engine to run efficiently. Air mixes with gasoline in the right proportions and creates the spark that propels the car. When you increase the size of your air intake, you can actually increase the car's performance. That is not the concern of most drivers, though. Fuel efficiency, on the other hand, is of paramount importance. A better MPG (miles per gallon) ratio means money saved at the gas station. A clean Air Filter can actually improve your gas mileage. We will perform cleaning to the air filter during your regular car serving. Only if the Air Filter is too dirty to clean off or damage then our technician will advise the customer to replace it.


Tires Pressure Checking

The tire inflation pressure is directly related to safety. Therefore, tires pressure must be checked regularly, and proper maintenance can prolong the lifespan of the tires.


Importance of Tires Pressure

  • Optimum air pressure should be maintained to ensure safety, driving performance, tire life and fuel cost.

  • Tires have been known to lose up to one psi (pound per square inch) in a month. Therefore, it is important to check all tires, even the spare, at least once a month or before a long trip.


Windscreen Washer Checking / Top-up

Most of the car owners pay attention to the maintenance of the vehicle but among them, many forget to include windscreen maintenance in their periodic checkups.


Your vehicle’s windscreen is one of its most important features, designed to keep you sheltered from the elements, help you maintain a clear view of the road and protect you in an accident. So it is essential that you keep it properly maintained – and this includes keeping it clean to ensure you can see the road and any potential hazards clearly.

Undercarriage Inspection

Up to 50% of the cost of owning a vehicle is related to its undercarriage. It’s important to assess current wear and predict when repairs are required. Proper undercarriage adjustments will improve machine performance, fuel economy and extend component life significantly. We offer free Undercarriage Inspection - Avoid costly repairs by detecting wear and misalignment early.




** All the photos shown above are for illustration purpose only. Actual parts used are according to car makes and models, and also customers' preferences.

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